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CI Casting

CI castings are used for structural & various decorative applications, as these are economical, long lasting and can be easily cast into different shapes. These cast iron castings are particularly known for their lower melting point than steel, excellent wear resistance, superior machine-ability and good tensile strength with which complex designs can be made.

Heat Resistant Casting

Heat Resistant Castings are rust resistant and can work on high temperatures. It is mainly used in metallurgical, steel and various other industries. These are basically used for hydro and steam turbines, combustion and thermal resistant equipment and many more areas. Main advantage of these castings is that they do not corrode on various high end industrial operations that involves high heating.

SG Iron Casting

SG iron casting or Spheroidal Graphite Iron casting is treated at the time of molten state with an element like magnesium to get the formation of graphite. Also known as ductile iron or nodular graphite iron, this casting is a perfect combination of strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, superior ductility and robustness.

Abrasion Resistant Casting

Abrasion Resistant Casting is particularly used in high wear applications where strength is main concern. Also known as wear resistant casting, it is resistance to abrasion and wear, which is completed by using specific metals and bi metals. It is mainly created in white iron or cold iron with chrome and additives.

We mainly deal with USA, UK, POLAND & UAE clients.